About Simple Roof Problems That Can Become Larger If Timely Repairs Are Not Made

A roof not only serves as a barrier between the interior and exterior of your home, but it can detract from the appeal of the exterior when it is in bad shape. You must make sure repairs are made in a speedy amount of time to prevent possibly having to replace the roof. In this article, learn about simple roof problems that can turn bad, and how they should be repaired.

What Kind of Simple Roof Problems Can Grow Into a Bigger Problem?

One simple problem that can lead to major damage is algae growth on asphalt shingles. The algae spores may appear as dirty black streaks that are easy to remove, but they are actually detrimental to the shingles. Algae consumes the limestone contained in asphalt shingles and can cause them to deteriorate to the point that the roof deck is in danger of damage. Once a roof deck begins to deteriorate, you can experience an array of problems on the interior of your home.

Another roof problem that may seem simple but should be of a concern is damaged rain gutters. Rain gutters must be kept in a good condition because they can lead to rainwater over spilling onto the roof when they are damaged, rusty or dirty. You don't want too much water sitting on the roof because it can lead to mold growth.

How Should Shingles with Algae Growth & Damaged Rain Gutters Be Fixed?

Algae growth on shingles should be removed by a roofer by way of a pressure washer. Although you can obtain your own pressure washing equipment to get rid of algae spores, you must know how to use the equipment to avoid harming the shingles. Too much pressure from water coming out of the equipment can crack or completely remove shingles from the roof.

Rain gutters should be repaired based on what the problem is. For instance, rusty rain gutters that are hanging away from the roof should be replaced. However, dirt and debris in rain gutters can be removed by using a trowel to scoop it out. The key is to make sure rainwater is able to flow smoothly to the downspout and not sit in the gutters.

Making sure simple problems with the roof are repaired in a timely manner can save you money in the long run. Hire a roofer as soon as small problems are noticed to keep your roof durable! (For more information, contact Lucas Roofing & Sheet Metal)