The Pros And Cons Of Foam Roofing

When it comes to residential roofing and insulation, you have many options to choose from. One option that is quickly gaining popularity is called spray polyurethane foam (SPF). This type of foam roofing can be done with a few roof coating systems, including combining it with a coat of another roof coating system, or as a base coat with a top coat on top. In most cases, the spray foam will be the top layer protecting the roof's membrane. Here are some pros and cons of using spray foam on your roof.

Pro: There is less maintenance involved

All roofing materials require maintenance, but with foam roofing, you won't need to worry about it quite as often. The polyurethane foam offers excellent insulation that doesn't degrade easily and includes an additional UV barrier that prevents wearing away. There is also a reduction in roof penetrations, membrane seams, and flashing leaks.

Con: Installation must be done on a clear, dry day

While it is always a good idea to do outdoor projects on clear days, it becomes mandatory with foam roofing. There must be enough time after it is sprayed onto the roof and dried completely before weather elements come into play. If it is a windy or cold day, or there is a risk of rain, wait until a clear, sunny day. The cold and wet conditions can make your installation moot, requiring you to start over from the beginning.

Pro: It has waterproofing qualities

As long as it is installed on a dry day, you have protection with this type of roofing on wet days. By spraying the foam polyurethane on top of your roofing structure, you are giving it an additional waterproof layer. This means when it rains, you have additional protection from the extra moisture. It further adds to the lower maintenance and less repairs overall you need to contend with.

Con: A professional must install it

It is highly recommended that you have a professional roofing contractor install the foam roofing. When you use this type of roofing product, you have to use two blended liquid compounds. The mixing combined with equipment needed for proper application requires a steady hand and someone skilled at this type of roofing installation. Look for a roofing contractor that has installed foam roofing before, as it may not be something every roofer is skilled at.

Pro: It has air sealing

Spray foam will expand as it is applies to the roof's surface, which can fill voids and seal gaps. This is a great way to fully insulate your roof and get rid of any air leaks.

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