Composite Slate: An Impeccable Alternative To Natural Slate Roofing

Installing a natural slate roof is one of the fastest ways to increase your home value and give your roof a timeless and elegant look. Unfortunately for many, natural slate roofs are too expensive to purchase and install.

Since it is made of natural stone, natural slate is heavy to transport and difficult to install as it is brittle and easily damaged when being cut and nailed. Natural slate is also susceptible to damage from foot traffic during repairs, flying debris and the elements.

This has made many lovers of the authentic look and feel of natural slate roofs to seek cheaper and longer-lasting roofing alternatives. Composite slate roofing can be the perfect solution for your roof if you seek the beauty and elegance of natural slate without its drawbacks.

What is composite slate?

Also known as synthetic slate, composite slate is designed to look like authentic slate, thus providing a modern improvement on a roofing classic.

Most brands of synthetic slate shingles contain a combination of different man-made materials such as cellulose fiber, concrete, and petroleum-based products like plastic and rubber, making them lighter and stronger while offering the same look and classic feel of natural slate shingles.

Benefits of composite slate

  • Stronger and lighter- Became they are made of recycled rubber or plastic material, composite slate shingles are much lighter than natural slate that is curved from stone. This means that they are easier to transport, cut and install on your roof and do not require any reinforcements or other alterations to your current roof structure to support them.

The lightweight nature of authentic shingles allows you to have the appearance and elegance of natural stone without the weight that comes with it. The materials that form composite slate also make it virtually unbreakable, allowing them to withstand storm damage, hail, freezing temperatures, UV rays and wind debris much better than natural slate shingles.

  • Mold protection- Natural stone absorbs water and is thus susceptible to mold and algae infestation. This adds to maintenance costs of natural slate roofing, not to mention the health risk that mold damage poses.

Composite slate is made of synthetic materials that are naturally resistant to mold, mildew and algae, making your roof safer and cheaper to maintain.

  • Increased curb appeal- Since they are available in a wider range of colors than natural slate, synthetic slate can greatly improve the appearance of your roof without the limitations that would confront you if you went authentic. Natural slate is mostly available in black and shades of grey, while composite slate is available in virtually any color that you wish.

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