Helpful Tips For Constructing A Roof For A New Home Addition

Increasing the square footage of your home with a new addition is a great way to add value and create more space, but it requires special planning in order for you to ensure that the addition is a smooth extension. One of the key parts of a home addition that you'll need to consider when you want the transition to be seamless is the roofing. Due to the difficulty involved in constructing a roof that fits in well, consider the following four tips.

Stick With Similar Architecture or Get Creative

From Tudor to ranch style homes, there are so many options for roofing designs to choose from when you're starting from scratch. In order for the home addition to be installed smoothly, it's a good idea to look into whether you want more of the same or would prefer to go with a different direction. Whether you choose to stick with the same kind of architecture for your home or you would prefer something new, first consider all your options for roof construction.

Use the Same Colored Shingles or Tiles

An easy way to keep the style of the roof fluid is by picking out the same colors for the shingles or tiles. Even if you choose a different style of roofing, the color should remain the same to help keep the roofing cohesive from the existing part of your home to the new addition.

Copy the Pitch of the Existing  Roof

The pitch of the roof should be copied when getting the new roof designed since it is one of the first things people see from afar. Maintaining the curb appeal requires that the pitch is similar throughout and can ensure that the addition feels like a natural extension of the home, instead of out of place.

Mimic Other Features

Even choosing the same colors and pitch may not be enough to help the addition feel like a seamless part of your home. If you feel that your roofing still needs some work to fit in after designing, consider adding additional features present in the existing roof. Some examples to consider include awnings, gables, and eaves.

Making a home addition feel like a cohesive part of your home can be a challenge when it comes to designing the roof due to the age of the home or the unique style of the roofing. Instead of simply tacking on a new addition without much thought, make sure to keep in mind the above tips so that the roofing fits seamlessly with the rest of your home. Contact a company like All American Roofing Incorporated for more information.