Four Common Roof Leak Problems And How To Prevent Them

The roof on your home is meant to keep the water out, but sometimes you may have to deal with leaks. Damage to roofing can be caused by many things, such as exposed nails, storms or just wear. There are also areas of roofs that can be more prone to develop leaks. Here are some of the most common leak problems and what you can do to prevent them:

1. Dealing With Bad Nailing Causing Roof Leaks

When shingles are installed, they have to be nailed in a certain way. When nails are put in the wrong place,  they can eventually work loose and cause leaks. Repairs can be done by removing nails, adding roofing cement and nailing shingles correctly. The decking beneath shingles can also have loose nails, and any exposed nail can be removed and the roof patched.

2. Addressing Problems With Valleys And Problem Areas On Your Roof

Valleys and areas where roof slopes meet have more water runoff. This can cause shingles in these areas to become worn more quickly. To prevent these problems, good flashing should be used to protect from leaks. Usually, a metal flashing is used here but you may want to use a rubber membrane in addition to metal flashing to give valleys more leak protection.

3. Leaks Around Vents And Roof Top Mechanical Systems

Modern homes have many mechanical penetrations on the roof, such as plumbing vents. Rubber boots are used to go around these features and prevent leaks. To prevent them from failing, you can replaced any damaged boots. You can also use ridge vents to reduce penetrations in your roof from using turtleback type vents. If you have any of the old metal type boots on mechanicals, you can also change them to a rubber boot that will last longer.

4. Repairing Chimneys, Walls And Water Traps On Rooftops

Anywhere on your roof that a slope meets, a wall is a potential water trap. This is common on the back of chimneys. To prevent this problem, a cricket can be built to divert water away from the wall.  In addition, it is a good idea to install several layers of flashing and even use a rubber membrane in these areas to protect from leaks.

These are some of the areas of your roof that can have leaks and what can be done to prevent the problems. If your roof has sprung a leak and needs repair, contact a roofing contractor like Affordable Roofing & Gutters and discuss some of these improvements.