The Four Steps In Repairing A Leak In Your Asphalt Roofing System

If you have an asphalt roofing system on your home, then you will want to know some of the repairs that you can make to it on your own. One problem that you may run into is a leak in your asphalt roofing system. In this case, you will want to locate the exact location of the leak from the top of your roof. Once you have done this, purchase a repair kit from a local hardware store that includes asphalt primer, a patch, and cement needed to make the repairs. Then you can continue with these four steps to completely repair the issue on your own:

  1. Prepare the Repair Area: The first thing that you will need to do is clean the area completely of dirt and debris to ensure that the patch will easily be able to adhere to the roof once it is applied. If you have a gravel surface, this is going to be a bit more difficult since you will need to scrape the gravel completely from the area. If this is not done, water can still make its way under the patch and into the home. Using a scraper, remove all the gravel and then use a duster to thoroughly remove excess dirt and debris. 
  2. Apply the Asphalt Primer: The next thing that you are going to need to do is apply asphalt primer. The primer is going to allow the patch to adhere more easily to the roof to ensure that it lasts for a long period of time before needing to be replaced. The primer will either need to be applied with a brush or roller, or you can purchase asphalt primer that comes in a spray can. Be sure that once you do this, you read the instructions on the label to determine how long you need to wait for the primer to dry. The patch will not adhere to the primer if it is still wet. 
  3. Apply the Patch: Once the primer has dried, you can apply the patch. Be sure that you measure the patch accurately so that it completely covers the hole. You will have to extend it further than the circumference of the hole to guarantee that no water will easily be able to get underneath it. 
  4. Cement the Patch: The final step is to apply the cement to the patch to reinforce its placement. You will need to do this with a trowel and ensure that you cover the entire patch uniformly. 

By knowing how to repair a leak in your roof, you can be sure that the repair gets done as quickly as possible before any issues arise in the future, causing the leak to become worse. If you feel that the repair cannot be safely done on your own because the leak sits at an angle on your roof and you are worried about falling, then consider hiring roofing contractors to make the repair for you.