Why You Need A Professional To Diagnose And Repair Your Leaking Roof

When you're a homeowner that's dealing with a leaking roof, you have to act fast to remove the problem before you end up with extensive damages and mold growth inside your home. Any part of your roof that's leaking can be diagnosed and repaired in a do-it-yourself manner, but doing so can also jeopardize the future integrity of your roof and any warranties that your building materials cover. So if you wanted to save some money with a do-it-yourself roof repair, consider why you may want to call a professional instead.

There Are Difficulties In Diagnosing

Leaks don't always appear directly inside from a source on the exterior of your home, as the circuitous route through attic, wall, or ceiling spaces is often what you will encounter when looking for a problem on your roof. Though finding a leak during rain, snow, or while dousing the alleged area with a hose is possible, an expert can often figure out where your roof leaks just by inspecting the problem area. So you don't have to do any more damage to your interior while trying to find the source.

Integrity Matters

If you have an easy leak to detect and feel that it's a straightforward fix, making the right preparations and repairs are crucial to maintaining the integrity of your entire roof in the future. Whether you have shingles, shakes, metal, tile, composite, concrete, or membranous roofing, if you don't correctly isolate a leak and fix it correctly, you can easily make a small problem even larger.

A visible leak to one roofing component, like a shingle, shake, or cracked tile, can sometimes radiate and invisibly penetrate other areas, like framing, ceiling area, and even exterior trim and fascia. Though you may be able to find a problem spot, you have to be extremely thorough in removing all damaged materials so that the integrity of your structure isn't compromised in the future. If you don't have considerable experience in diagnosing the extent and needs of a roofing repair, hiring a professional can save you the money you'll have to spend (and headache you'll have to deal with) in fixing a poorly executed do-it-yourself repair.

It Could Be Covered

Depending on the extent of the damage and your insurance coverage, you may actually be entitled to a professional diagnosis and fix. If your roof was damaged and not aged, you have a better chance of filing a claim on any homeowner's insurance you have. If you have a roof under manufacturer's warranties, having a professional assess your roof for age-related or integrity issues can be the first step in getting repairs and materials covered as well, since warranties are sometimes voided when you try to do-it-yourself.

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