Save Money On Your Flat Roof By Using White

As a business owner, you need to do whatever you can to keep your costs down. While your first thought might not be the right roofing, the asphalt used in most flat roofs will absorb heat from the sun, and then allow that heat to seep into your building. Thus, an asphalt roof can leave you exposed to increased cooling costs over the life of your roof. In order to decrease your cooling costs, you need to use an energy efficient building material. For a flat roof, it all comes down to color. 

The Inefficiency of Black

The color of an object is determined by how much of the sun's rays it absorbs. For example, a red object will absorb every ray except for rays in the red spectrum. Black objects absorb all of the sun's rays. In terms of energy efficiency, the more of the sun's rays an object absorbs, the less energy efficient it is. Asphalt tar is black, which means that it will absorb a ton of the sun's rays. Commercial properties are typically large, and by covering your roof with black, you can drastically increase your cooling costs. 

The Efficiency of White

The color white is created by reflecting nearly all of the sun's rays away. In order to keep your building cooler, white is the right choice. Simply by cladding your roof in white, you can decrease your cooling costs by up to 20%. For the best value, you should consider using a rubber roofing membrane. Rubber roofing membranes can last for up to 50 years before they need to be replaced, which means you will save money on maintenance and replacement costs. Rubber typically comes in black, but you can buy white roofing membranes. Even though the white version costs more money than the black, the savings you will receive will help you to save money over the life of your roof. 

While you might think that the color of your has more to do with style than saving money, the color of your roof can make a big difference in the long run. Because of the size, most commercial buildings feature a flat roof; thus, your roof will only be visible from above. This means that the color of your roof will not enhance or detract from the style of your building. Your color can, however, save yourself some money even if it does cost a little bit more to install. Contact a roofing company—like Davis Bros Roofing or another location—for more information.