Preparations For Your Roof This Hurricane Season

Hurricane season along the southern US coastline lasts for months, encompassing most of the summer and fall seasons. As the impending storm season starts to approach, this is the time to start proactively looking at your roof for any signs of weakness or damage that needs to be addressed. Here's a look at some of the things you should do before the first impending storm warning hits the forecast.

Inspecting The Roof Early

In the late spring, you should inspect the entire roof for any signs of damage that could leave the roof vulnerable during storms. The sooner you do this inspection, the more time you'll have to address damage before the storms come in.

Evaluate the shingles to be sure that they aren't cracked or worn at all. They should all be intact. While you're at it, you should also inspect the ridge vents. They should be secure and free of any loose nails. In addition, you should check the roof for any signs of leaks, including looking in the attic to see if there's any water damage or other issues.

Addressing Any Visible Damage

As soon as you identify the potential vulnerabilities, you'll need to have all of the damage repaired. The sooner you do that, the less your chances are of having a storm come in and worsen the existing damage. It may mean repairs to the subroofing as well, because that can threaten the structural integrity of the roof itself.

Adding Bracing For Support

Another thing you'll want to do is add some truss bracing to support your roof. Truss bracing adds some lateral strength to the roof. The extra support keeps the roof intact during heavy storm season. Your roofing contractor can help you install the bracing, which usually relies on a series of wooden beams.

Installing Straps For Protection

If you live in one of the areas where hurricanes frequently come in off the coast, you'll likely be at risk of severe, strong winds. In those cases, truss bracing is a good start, but hurricane straps may be nearly essential. The hurricane straps help to keep the trusses secure on the studs. This helps to limit the strain and pressure that can be caused by the upward winds of a hurricane.

The better prepared your home's roof is for the hurricane weather, the better chance you'll have of coming through storms unscathed. Talk with a local roofer today to find out what else you can do to prepare your home. To find out more, speak with a business like Pyramid Roofing Inc.