Refuting A Few Roofing Myths

Caring for the roof of your home can seem like it will be a difficult or confusing task for you to do. This can be true if you are fairly uninformed about this part of a home because it can be easy to believe some of the more common myths that can surround this part of a home. By having these three roofing misconceptions refuted, you will find yourself in a stronger position for preventing this part of your home fro suffering avoidable damages.

Myth: You Should Allow Tree Branches To Hang Over Your Roof To Provide Shade

Keeping a home cool can be a major expense. While it may seem as though letting tree branches hang over the house can provide it with shade, this can also expose the roof to a higher risk of suffering some types of damage. For example, branches over the roof will cause leaves and pine needles to accumulate easier. These materials can allow moisture to become trapped against the roof, which can cause the roof to start to rot. By keeping the branches trimmed away from the roof, you can help to avoid this common source of serious roof damage.

Myth: Ice Is Not A Major Threat For Your Roof

Ice can be a common threat to the roof that may be misunderstood by homeowners. There are some people that assume ice accumulations will not be a serious problem. While it is true that roofs are designed to be able to support the weight from ice, it is essential for the ice to be able to effectively drain away from the roof.

If ice dams form, large puddles can be created, which can contribute to sections of the roof rotting. To minimize this type of problem, you may want to consider installing a deicing system on the roof. These systems use strategically placed heating elements to prevent ice from being able to form on the roof.

Myth: Keeping The Gutters Clean Always Requires Intensive Labor

Cleaning the gutters is an important part of maintaining the roof because the gutters provide a path for rainwater to drain. However, leaves and other materials can start to gather in the gutters, which can eventually result in them becoming completely clogged.

To avoid having to clean out your gutters every few months, you might want to consider installing gutter guards. These guards go over the top of the gutters, and they will prevent leaves and other debris from getting into the gutters. By installing these simple devices, you can drastically reduce the need to clean out your gutters to prevent water from becoming backed up on the roof.