Repairing Your Tile Roof After A Bat Infestation

Tile roofs are popular for their beauty and durability, but they are, unfortunately, just as appealing to bats. Bats love nothing more than a dark, secluded spot to snooze through the day, and the space underneath each tile of your roof can house several comfortably. If you have recently discovered that your house is also home to a colony of bats, you may be wondering how much damage they have caused and what you need to do to fix it. Removing the bats safely and calling in a roof repair company can help ensure that your roof is still sound and remains free from bats in the future. 

Ensuring the Bats are Gone

Before you can begin repairing your roof, you must be sure that all of the bats are gone. This is often easier said than done because bats are protected in most states and must be handled with care. Rather than paying to have their entire roof torn up or each tile cleared of bats by hand, many homeowners instead choose to wait for the bats to leave willingly as part of their natural migration patterns. Once the bats have left, you can begin the business of repair and prevention. 

Checking the Attic

Relatively young colonies will typically restrict themselves to your roofing, but bats will eventually begin excavating their way into the tar paper and plywood that rests between your roofing and your attic. Whenever you find any pest in your roofing, you should inspect your attic to determine whether or not you have an extended colony inside your home. This is typically a sign of more serious damage and may require additional cleanup. 

Repairing Damaged Tar Paper and Plywood

Even if the bats haven't managed to infiltrate your home, they may still have damaged your tar paper and plywood, which could lead to leaks and mold. Your roof repair company will probably want to take up at least a few tiles over the old colony to check the state of your roofing. In serious cases, significant portions of your roof may need to be replaced.

Sealing the Spaces Beneath Your Tiles

Once your roof is given a clean bill of health, you can start figuring out how to stop the bats when they return from their migration. The most popular option involves sealing each tile, physically blocking the bats from entering without ruining the aesthetics of your roof. With any luck, this one bout of repair and renovation will be all it takes to solve your bat problem permanently.