3 Things To Do After A Major Storm Hits Your Home

Summer weather often brings severe thunderstorms to certain regions of the United States, and these storms can wreak a lot of havoc on even the most solidly constructed of homes. Any time a major storm passes through your area that produces hail or high winds, it's a good idea to take a few proactive steps as a homeowner.

1. Check For (And Document) Obvious Damage

As soon as it is safe to do so after the storm, head outside and take a look around for obvious signs of storm damage. Storm damage could come in the form of shingles missing from your roof, a down tree limb, or even missing/damaged siding on your home's exterior. If you do notice any damage, it's important to document it as soon as possible. You can do this by taking photos of the damage, as well as any photos proving the storm is what caused it. For example, if hail caused damage to your home's roof, you might consider snapping a photo of a chunk of hail in your yard (with a ruler or other object next to it for scale).

2. Call a Reputable Company for an Inspection

Even if your home doesn't show any obvious signs of damage, it's a good idea to call a reputable company out to take a look at your roof for exterior storm damage that may be harder to detect. This is especially true if you're unable to get a good look at your roof or other areas of your home after the storm. If there is any hidden damage, you'll want to make sure it's documented by the company and that you receive an estimate for repairs.

3. File a Claim With Your Home Insurance Company

Next, be sure to file a claim with your homeowner's insurance policy for any damage or repairs that may be covered. You can expect a home insurance policy to cover roof damage caused by hail or high winds, as well as down trees/limbs and even some exterior siding damage. However, you'll need to file your claim promptly and have documentation ready so that you can prove your claim to the insurance adjuster.

Hopefully, you'll never be in a situation where your home is damaged by a major storm. If you are, however, taking these measures will help you get the necessary repairs done -- and hopefully on your insurance company's dime. Contact a company like Select Exteriors for more information and assistance.