Deciding Between A Hand-Nailed Or Nail Gun Roof

When you are ready to put a new roof on your home, be prepared to make a number of decisions. One of the decisions that you will need to make is whether you want to use a roofer who installs roofs using a nail gun or if you prefer a contractor who hand nails roofs. Read on to understand the benefits and disadvantages of both methods so that you can make an informed decision. 

Why a Roof Has to Be Properly Nailed

Both hand-nailing roofs and using a nail gun are acceptable techniques for installing a roof. However, they must be completed correctly to ensure that the roof is properly nailed. An improperly nailed roof is more likely to leak or suffer damage during violent weather conditions. 

Benefits of a Hand-Nailed Roof

Some roofers believe that a hand nailing a roof allows them to achieve better nail placement. When installing a roof, it is important to place the nails in the correct areas of the shingles; otherwise, the integrity of the roof may be compromised.

Roofers know that nails must be installed at the correct depth and angle, otherwise there is a risk that nail will go through the shingle, making it more likely that the shingle will fall off. Hand nailing increases the chance that the roofer will always hit the nailing strip. Shingles that are not firmly attached to the nailing strip have an increased chance of prematurely coming off the roof.

Advocates for a hand-nailed roof argue that a nail gun requires extensive experience to guarantee it is used correctly.

Advantages of a Nail Gun Roof

When you have a roofer hand nail a roof, it is likely that the roofer will tire by the end of the day. In general, hand nailing is also a slower way to install roofs. Since hand nailing tends to increase the length of time to install a roof, you may need to pay more for a hand-nailed roof and allot more time for the project to be completed.

Nail guns are a faster way to install a roof. When they are used correctly, a nail gun roof should be just as structurally sound as a hand-nailed roof. 

Whether you decide to select a hand-nailed or nail gun roof, make sure you go with an experienced roofer who uses qualified roofing contractors. Since both methods are approved for installing roofs, you should pick a roofer who has a reputation for providing quality work, regardless of the nailing technique.