Think Your Roof Has Water Concerns Inside And Out? What To Do

If you can smell must and mold in your attic and you can see that there are some dips and bending wood throughout the roof, you need to call a roofing contractor. A roofing contractor can get to your home to make sure that the roof isn't going to cave in, and that there won't be other problems. Here are some signs that a roofing company needs to get to your house as soon as possible.

Warped and Rotting Wood

If you can see that the wood is rotting and discolored from the inside of the attic, this is a sign that water has been a problem for some time. Wood expands and warps when it's exposed to moisture and when moisture is absorbed. It may also be white and have green or blue with spots around the wood from mold or mildew.

If the wood is soft to the touch and rotting the structure of your home has been compromised. These signs and indications need attention right away by a roofing professional because water is getting in somewhere.

Water Pools and Discoloration

You should never be able to see pools of water sitting on the roofing shingles on the exterior of your roof or any large spots on the roof that are different colored than the rest of the roof. If these are issues that you can see, you need the roofing professionals to come and remove the water, and to fix the problems that are causing water to pool and do damage. There are a lot of reasons why the shingles may be absorbing water, and why the roof isn't draining as is should be.

Siding Problems

If there are signs that siding is buckling, it's warped, or coloring is changing, the water problem may go down into the siding as well. The roofing contractors may want to look down the siding to see if there is water damage under the panels, and to determine if this needs to be repaired or replaced as well.

If you think that water is a problem throughout your roof and you are worried that it's going to start coming into the house at any time, you need to take action. Talk with the roofing professionals to see if you need to repair or replace the shingles, along with the siding around the house, and to find out what else can be done about the damages.

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