3 Different Components To Replace When You Get A New Roof

When you install a new roof on your home, you are going to want to do more than just put new shingles on your roof. There are various roofing components that you should consider changing out when you install a new roof, such as the vents on your roof, your gutters, and the chimney.

1. Roof Vents

On your roof, there are various vents. There are two types of vents that you may have on your roof. You may have plumbing vents, that vent out air from your plumbing system. You may also have air vents that help circulate the air in your attic and keep your attic from getting too humid or too hot.

These vents are only designed to last for so long. It is a good idea to replace all the vents on your roof when you replace your roof. That way, you can make sure that your vents are made into an integral part of your roof while providing you with the ventilation that you need.

2. Gutters

It is also common to change out your gutters when you have a new roof installed. If your gutters are as old as your roof, you should change out your gutters. If you recently replaced your gutters in the past few years, you probably don't need to replace your gutters with your roof.

When you replace your gutters, be sure to think about style and function. There are actually various different shapes that your gutters can take; they don't have to have a simple square look to them. You can go with gutters that have a more stylistic design. You should also go for gutters that functionally work for your home. Gutters that have a screen over them are a good choice as they help keep debris out of your gutter and help you reduce necessary maintenance.  

3. Chimney

Finally, if your chimney has been in need of numerous repairs recently, now would be a good time to replace your chimney. It is not necessary to replace your chimney every time that you replace your roof, but if your chimney has been in need of serious repairs lately, it would be a good idea.

If you are replacing your roof, think about the other elements of your roof that you can have replaced at the same time. This is a good time to change out the vents on your roof, install a new gutter system, and replace your chimney. For more information, contact your local residential roof installation service today.