Deciding Between Roof Replacement Or Reroofing

If you need to put a new roof on your office building, you will have a couple options with how you can do it. You can either tear off the old roof and replace it with new material, or lay the new material directly on top of your old roof. Here is what you need to know about both of these commercial roofing installation options.

The Reroofing Option

Many people decide to reroof their commercial building because of the cost factor. Reroofing is always going to be more affordable to building owners because it lacks all of the labor required for ripping off the old roof. Large buildings result in many man hours to rip off old roofing material and toss it into a dumpster. There is also a cost associated with disposing of all that old roofing material, which cannot always be recycled. Reroofing also avoids the need to install new underlayment material, such as roof felt, which adds on to the total cost of having the roof installed.

Reroofing may not be an option depending on where you are located. Always check with your city building inspector to find out if it is allowed in your city. There may be a limit to how many layers of roofing material that you are allowed to have on a building, with it not being allowed to have more than two layers of shingles at once. This can require a roof replacement if you are looking to add a third layer of roofing material.

That said, reroofing your building will be a quality option if there are no additional problems with your roof that need to be fixed. This is good for if you are preemptively replacing the roofing material because it is old in age.

The Replacement Option

Replacement is going to be the better option when you have repairs to make other than replacing your old shingles. This will give you access to the roof deck to replace rotting wood, put in a new water barrier, and make other improvements caused by damage over the years. A replacement roof will also give your roof more longevity if you plan on owning the building for a very long time. If you plan on owning the building longer than the lifespan of your shingles, you will have the option of reroofing in the future to save money. If you plan on selling soon, reroofing gives your building a better resale value since buyers look at a new roof very favorably.