Gutter Repairs Are Important Because Gutters That Work Properly Protect Your Home From Water Damage

It's important for your gutters to be clear and draining properly all seasons of the year, but it's especially important during the spring rainy season when the gutters get a lot of use. If your gutters are crooked or leaking, you can call a gutter repair service and have them repaired so they're ready for heavy rain. Here's why keeping your gutters in good repair is so important and some things a gutter repair service can do.

Why Gutter Repairs Are Important

There are two main components to gutter repair. One is to stop leaks, and the other is to make sure water drains properly. When your gutters leak or hold water, your house is in danger of water damage. Gutters are on your home to direct water away from the roof and foundation of your house.

When gutters leak, water can seep into your basement and lead to water damage and mold. If gutters don't drain properly, they spill water when they get full. The water might go under your roof, behind siding, or along windows and lead to rotting and other problems.

Gutter repairs not only keep your gutters in good shape, but they also protect your home from water damage and mold that could be expensive to repair.

How A Gutter Repair Service Can Help

The first thing the service might do is examine the gutters to find out where all the problems are located. This is fairly easy by using a hose to run water through the troughs and downspout. Your gutters might only need minor repairs such as sealing a weak seam, or they could need a lot of work that includes adding new hangers to a new fascia board.

If the gutters sag, the repair service might need to tighten the fasteners or replace a rotted fascia board. When gutters leak, the service might need to remove rust and repair rust holes, apply adhesive to seal seams in sectional gutters, and use screws to tighten the connections on the corners.

The type of repairs you need depends on the type of gutters you have, too. Vinyl gutters can crack, metal gutters might rust, and wood gutters can rot and deteriorate.

In addition to working on the troughs and hangers, the repair person also checks the downspout. The downspout has the important job of directing the water toward a street or drain. If the spout is clogged or leaking, water may spill near the foundation instead.

Once the gutter repairs are finished, you can have peace of mind that rain will fall in the troughs and flow to a safe place and keep your home protected from water damage. You may not need gutter repairs too often, but it's good to have repairs done as soon as they're needed rather than let your gutters fall into disrepair.