Thatched Roofing: A Dying Craft That You Can Help Preserve

It seems like most every day, you hear about another “craft” or artform that is dying. From weaving to woodcarving, they just don’t make things by hand like they used to, right? Another so-called dying craft is roof thatching. Thatching is the art of creating a roof out of bundles of water reeds or straw. It is a roofing method that was used in rural Ireland and Eastern Europe for years and one that can even be seen on cottages and rural homes in the U.

Is Your Home Ready For Winter? 3 Steps To Winterize Your Roof

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to get your asphalt shingles prepared for the colder weather. Rain and snow can wreak havoc on your roof. Pests can wreak havoc as well, especially mice and squirrels. To protect your home and your family this winter, you should weatherize your roof before the cold weather arrives. Here are some precautionary steps you can take to prevent damage to your roof during the cold weather.

Repairing Your Tile Roof After A Bat Infestation

Tile roofs are popular for their beauty and durability, but they are, unfortunately, just as appealing to bats. Bats love nothing more than a dark, secluded spot to snooze through the day, and the space underneath each tile of your roof can house several comfortably. If you have recently discovered that your house is also home to a colony of bats, you may be wondering how much damage they have caused and what you need to do to fix it.

Metal Roofs And Lightning: Myths And The Truth Behind Them

Recently in Calgary, Canada, four workers were hit by lightning while working on a metal roof. Although the media coverage did not say that the metal roof was to blame, there was an implication of blame in the report. As a result, if you have encountered this story, you may be wondering whether or not metal roofs pose a lightning risk. The answer is no. Here’s a look at some common myths of metal roofs and lightening and the truth behind them.

Best And Worst Roofing Materials For A Chicago Style Bungalow

Chicago Style Bungalows combine the small, rectangular structure of a Bungalow with the urban-meets-rustic look of the Prairie style that was popular around the city. Featured elements include a split-level structure and a combination of brick and stone siding with large groupings of small windows and an offset front door. The Bungalow typically has either a hip-style or low-pitch gable roof. Do you need roof replacement or roof repairs for your Chicago Style Bungalow?

Algae On Your Roof? Here's What You Can Do

Have you noticed algae growing on your roof? If so, you likely live in an area of the country that has humid conditions, which is the ideal climate for a type of algae that is referred to as Gloeocapsa Magma to thrive. This type of algae can be an eyesore if it is allowed to spread, and it can damage shingles. The following information will help you better understand this nefarious substance and options that are available to you.

Choosing A Roofing Material For Your Home Upgrades

When you are moving up in the world, you want to make sure that your home reflects your change in station and you can enjoy all that your hard work can offer you. As such, you may be looking to upgrade your home. If you are looking to replace or redo your roof as a part of your home renovation project, get to know some of the roofing material options available to you that will help you make your dreams of an upgrade a reality.

Refuting A Few Roofing Myths

Caring for the roof of your home can seem like it will be a difficult or confusing task for you to do. This can be true if you are fairly uninformed about this part of a home because it can be easy to believe some of the more common myths that can surround this part of a home. By having these three roofing misconceptions refuted, you will find yourself in a stronger position for preventing this part of your home fro suffering avoidable damages.

Want To Protect Your Roof? Know These 3 Benefits Of Using A Liquid Coating

With the warm weather of summer in full effect, it is a great time to start doing work on your roof. One improvement you may be considering is adding a roof coating. Instead of using a brush on or classic roll-coating product, consider the benefits of using a protective liquid coating Liquid Coatings Are Seamless When a liquid, protective roof coating is sprayed onto a roof, it will easily coat across your entire rooftop.

Caring For Your Apartment's Roof

Are you the manager of an apartment complex? If so, then it is up to you to make sure you provide your tenants with a safe living environment. Not only does this mean making sure the electrical and plumbing is up to code, but it also means making sure the roof is in good condition. Otherwise, an array of problems can occur. For example, a neglected roof can lead to leaks and when ignored, these can cause other problems including the development of mold that’s a health risk for your tenants.

Preparations For Your Roof This Hurricane Season

Hurricane season along the southern US coastline lasts for months, encompassing most of the summer and fall seasons. As the impending storm season starts to approach, this is the time to start proactively looking at your roof for any signs of weakness or damage that needs to be addressed. Here’s a look at some of the things you should do before the first impending storm warning hits the forecast. Inspecting The Roof Early

Four Tell-Tale Signs Your Roof Is In Danger Of Collapsing

The worst thing that could possibly happen to your roof would be for it to collapse. Not only would a roof collapse leave your home uninhabitable, but it could also seriously injure or kill your family. Thankfully, roofs rarely collapse without some sort of warning. But, you have to know what the warning signs are and keep an eye out for them so you can evacuate and call a local roofing company before a collapse occurs.

Two Roofing Ideas For Your Place Of Business

If your business facility needs a new roof, you have a number of options at your disposal.  The days of the plain, asphalt roofs being the most popular option are nearly over, since people now understand that a roof is about much more than simply providing a covering from the elements.  Learning more about two excellent commercial roofing options can help you determine which one to use at your business today.

Asphalt Vs Clay Roofs

Picking out a roofing material is rarely easy since there are so many types to choose from. To help you narrow down your options, here is a comparison between asphalt and clay, two of the most popular materials. What is asphalt roofing? In short, asphalt is the basic option that most homeowners end up getting. However, that is not to say that asphalt is the alternative that people are forced to accept when they are unable to get the roofing material that they really wanted.

Don't Let Siding Projects Delay Your Spring Planting

Having new siding installed on your home this spring doesn’t mean that you have to put off planting the flowers around your home that you enjoy. As long as you take a few precautionary steps, the planting can proceed as usual and the siding can go up without any damage to your budding blooms around the home. Here, you will learn how to do just that. Keep Your Cans When you open up your canned goods to prepare dinner, don’t toss those cans in your recycling bin.

5 Reasons To Replace Your Current Roof With Metal Roofing

If your home needs a new roof, you probably want to make sure that you choose the best roofing material. When it comes to home improvement projects, replacing the roof may not be as fun as remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, but your decisions about your new roof can make a big difference in the value you add to your home, as well as how you will have to care for your roof in the future.

Don't Think Gutters Are Important? Here's 3 Reasons Why They Are

If you have a home, you understand the importance of gutters. Gutters provide the drainage system from snowmelt, other ice and rain falling on your roof into the gutter tray and down the downspouts for proper evacuation of water. It is imperative that you maintain your gutters properly so you don’t get massive flooding around the foundation of your house. Just check out some of the following reasons why gutters are such an important component of your home.

Save Money On Your Flat Roof By Using White

As a business owner, you need to do whatever you can to keep your costs down. While your first thought might not be the right roofing, the asphalt used in most flat roofs will absorb heat from the sun, and then allow that heat to seep into your building. Thus, an asphalt roof can leave you exposed to increased cooling costs over the life of your roof. In order to decrease your cooling costs, you need to use an energy efficient building material.