Deciding Between Roof Replacement Or Reroofing

If you need to put a new roof on your office building, you will have a couple options with how you can do it. You can either tear off the old roof and replace it with new material, or lay the new material directly on top of your old roof. Here is what you need to know about both of these commercial roofing installation options. The Reroofing Option Many people decide to reroof their commercial building because of the cost factor.

Roofing Information Homeowners Should Know

Despite a roof’s large size and its exposure to the elements, modern roofing will be extremely durable and able to last for years. For homeowners that are aware of the nuisance of roof care and maintenance, it will be easier to ensure the roof is effectively protecting the structure. Is Sealcoating A Roof Worth The Trouble? Moisture damage is the leading cause of a roof needing to undergo major repairs or replacement.

Elements Of A Commercial Roof Inspection You Can Complete Yourself

It is recommended that you have a commercial roof inspection done twice a year on your commercial roof. Most experts recommend having this done during the spring and fall. Between professional inspections, you can also conduct your own commercial roof inspection. However, it is not recommended that you walk on the roof, as foot traffic can damage a roof, and most people do not know what to look for on the roof.

Four Reasons For Roof Failure

Is your home in need of roof repair, or do you have a problem that is related to your roof? If so, you may be wondering why the roof failed in the first place. While an unexpected roof failure can happen for a variety of reasons, here are four likely reasons behind it. Installation Issues The process of installing your home’s roof can be very complex. If it isn’t done correctly, your home won’t have the protection it needs.

Gutter Maintenance Tips: A Guide For Homeowners

Gutters are a key component of your roof because they direct rainwater away from your house. If your gutters are not functioning properly and water collects around the foundation or splashes up back into your eaves, structural damage to your home could result. Keeping the gutters well-maintained is essential to avoiding potentially costly repairs to your house. This article offers some key tips on this important subject. Cleaning The most important maintenance task is to clean your gutters regularly.

2 Things To Do To Make Sure The Snow Doesn't Damage Your Flat Roof

If your business has a flat roof and you have a lot of snow in your area, there is always the risk of the snow damaging your roof. Snow may look light, but if you’ve ever shoveled even the lightest, fluffiest, most powdery snow ever, you know that it is much heavier than it looks. The wetter the snow, the heavier, because it holds more moisture. That means your roof is going to hold a lot of weight, and unlike the peaked roof on your house, which can shed the snow, a flat roof has a hard time getting rid of it.